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Not long after the disbandment of the original line-up Jura Stublić started a solo career, forming a new mainstream pop-rock band under the moniker of "Jura Stublić & Film". In that time they had some successful songs like "Sjećam se prvog poljupca" (I remember my first kiss), "Glas srca" (Voice of the heart), "Dobre vibracije" (Good vibrations) which is not remake of The Beach Boys song, "Ljubav je zakon" (Love rules), etc. They became a popular act of the former SFR Yugoslav Pop Rock scene though still not managing to surpass the critical and public acclaim of the original line-up. In 1992 he made his last album, when the war in Croatia began, "Hrana za golubove". The album featured two war-related songs, "E, moj druže beogradski" ("Oh, my comrade from Belgrade "), and "Bili cvitak" ("White flower").

Film - Zamisli / Radio LjubavFilm - Zamisli / Radio LjubavFilm - Zamisli / Radio LjubavFilm - Zamisli / Radio Ljubav